Microneedling Treatments for Acne, Scars, Stretch Marks and Anti-Aging

Have you noticed an excess of sagging skin and stretch marks on your body? You’re not alone. We all want smooth and tight skin that makes us look younger and more refreshed. However, not everyone is willing to undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve this.

Microneedling is an exciting new skincare innovation that doesn’t require general anesthesia and can help improve the look of acne, stretch marks, scars, and other signs of aging. The word “microneedling” refers to the treatment’s derma roller, which is a rolling device with tiny needles that poke small holes along your skin.

These needles create a controlled injury underneath your skin, which stimulates collagen production without causing damage. In fact, many microneedling fans have said this process hurts much less than similar laser treatments, and a numbing cream can be applied if needed. This stimulation results in plumper skin and a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes.

If you’re ready to finally get rid of the wrinkles and scars on your body, speak to a licensed aesthetic professional about how microneedling can help you. They’ll be able to determine the exact needle length you need for the best results (stretch marks, for instance, require a longer needle length than acne scars). You’ll get the results you’re after for only a fraction of the time and money cosmetic surgery costs.

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