how much is botox scottsdale

How Much is Botox?

Botox cost varies depending on your treatment area and needs. Let’s discuss how BOTOX prices are measured and how to calculate your expected costs.

How Much is BOTOX at Ultra Smooth Skin?

At the time of this article’s publication, our price per unit of BOTOX is $11.50. This does not include special offers or rewards benefits, which can drop the price per unit. To see our current price per unit and special offers, click here.

How Many Units of BOTOX Will I Need?

BOTOX is priced per unit. The more units you need, the more your treatment will cost. This varies based on treatment area and the number of units required to see results.

This varies from person to person and is largely dependent on the extent of the visible aging and your metabolism (a higher metabolism may require more units or more frequent visits).

BOTOX Units Per Treatment Area

  • Forehead Lines: 10-30 units
  • Crow’s Feet: 5-15 units (per side)
  • Frown Lines: 10-25 units
  • Bunny Lines: 5-10 units
  • Eyebrow Lift: 2-5 units
  • Jawline Slimming/Contouring: 25-50 units
  • Gummy Smile: 4-8 units
  • Platysmal Bands: 20 units (approximately)

Please note that these are averages and do not necessarily reflect the number of units you will require to see results.

How Often Will I Need BOTOX Treatments?

Touchups are recommended every 3-4 months, depending on your needs. If you require more frequent sessions, we may discuss other options for you. Most patients can expect to receive fewer units during a second and third visit than during the first visit.

What About Dysport and Xeomin?

Dysport and Xeomin have a lower price per unit; however, the number of units will not match Botox exactly. They are formulated differently and, therefore, the cost and amount are calculated differently.

If you’re getting Dysport, for example, you can expect far more units at a much lower cost. We can discuss your options and the best solutions for you during your personalized consultation.

How Can I Save on My Treatments?

There are a few different ways you can save on your treatments at Ultra Smooth Skin in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona.

  1. Join the Alle Rewards Program. Formerly known as Brilliant Distinctions, Alle is the Allergan Aesthetics program which rewards you for your treatments and products purchased. Receive personalized discounts, special rates, points to redeem on future treatments, and more. Learn more.
  2. Monthly Specials. At Ultra Smooth Skin, we offer monthly specials on treatments and combination treatments. We often offer free BOTOX or Dysport with purchase of injectable filler treatments. Learn more.
  3. Village Clubs Discount. If you’re a member of Village Clubs, we offer a flat percentage off on treatments. Employees of Village Clubs also enjoy special rates on treatments. Contact us for details.

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