How Drinking Alcohol May Cause Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes happens to just about everyone. There are many causes for puffy eyes and drinking too much the night before is one of them. Drinking alcohol dehydrates our skin and over the years, heavy drinking will cause damage to the skin as well as some internal organs.

Alcohol might make us sleepy, but our sleep is often troubled after a night of drinking which will be visible on your face the next day. Sleep is disturbed while our bodies work to metabolize the alcohol, making it hard to get to that point of deep sleep which results in a refreshed look the next morning.
That’s not to say drinking has to be completely off the table, however, the consumption of alcohol night after night, will eventually take its toll. Both men and women who drink regularly have tougher, blotchier facial skin and develop more wrinkles. The dehydration that alcohol causes is hard on the skin will be visible no matter what skin care regime is chosen.

One way to cut down on the puffiness that can occur after a night of drinking is to alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water. Not only will this reduce puffy eyes the next day, it will also cut down on the feeling of being hung over. A gentle facial moisturizer should also be applied to the skin beneath the eyes to assist in re-hydration.

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