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Grin your way to a more youthful you…here’s why!

Smiling is one of those little movements you can make that can change not only the way you feel, but can also improve how you look as well. In fact, you can use grinning as way to elevate your mood and be happier in general. This mood booster can make you feel better, and when you are feeling good you naturally look better as well.

You can also use repeated grinning and smiling as a way to help increase the tone of your skin. The movement associated with smiling can stretch and thus tone the muscles surrounding your mouth which tend to sag with age and through the loss of elasticity in the skin. Smiling works those muscles along the edges of your mouth and along the sides of your face; even going so far as to pull and strengthen the muscles that go down along your chin and in to your neck.

Making a habit to use grinning as a form of facial exercise at least once a day can help you improve the way your face and neck look. If you smile big and large you will work a large amount of muscles in your face that can eventually help to tighten up you skin and give you a more youthful look.

The added advantage of being able to tone skin through smiling is made even better as you will just simply be happier and more content when you smile often. A smile can be infectious and thus you can bring about a sense of happiness to others when you make a conscious effort to smile often. You will make yourself and others happier all while exercising to improve your health.

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