Freckles: Cute or Dangerous?

Freckles may be considered charming when they’re sprinkled across a little child’s nose, but, unfortunately, they also indicate skin damage from the sun. Repeated overexposure to the sun causes the freckles to increase in number creating a larger area of damaged skin and a mottled complexion.

Who gets freckles?

Genetics determine who will be predisposed to freckles. Usually people with fair skin and light eyes are most likely to freckle. However, freckles do not have to be a permanent part of anyone’s complexion.

Can you get freckles removed?

Skin care experts such as licensed laser technicians are educated and certified in the use of laser technology for freckle removal. They are specifically trained to remove hyperpigmentation caused by an increase in melanin.

How does the treatment work?

Skin care professionals can remove over-pigmented spots easily and quickly by using a pulse of light to break up the pigment into miniscule particles. As normal skin exfoliation occurs, even the tiny remnants of pigment disappear leaving the skin with a uniform appearance.

What will happen during my appointment?

In most cases, you should plan on spending about an hour for each appointment. Your skin care specialist will pinpoint areas on your face or body to treat with a pulse laser light. When you are finished, a soothing cream will be applied to the treated area that contains a protective sunblock.

Are there any side effects?

In some cases, patients have reported they noticed a slight crusting on the skin or a light bruising after treatment. These side effects are temporary and not painful.