Five minutes in the morning that can benefit you all day

Having a great start to your day is essential in giving you a good demeanor and outlook for the day that lies ahead of you. In fact, you can take just five short minutes each and every morning to set the stage for a day of feeling good, looking good and being energized until your day winds down in the evening.

Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but in those few minutes you can get yourself charged up for the day by using a combination of methods. When you first wake up, a few simple stretches while getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom gets your body primed for the day and helps get the blood flowing which helps to wake you up and get you moving. Raising your arms high above your head and stretching out each arm from side to side can get the blood flowing. You can also keep your arms extended out to the side and twist at the torso to get your waist and midsection stretched out as well.

After getting good and limber, you can sit down and meditate for just a few moments to truly get you ready for the day. Closing your eyes and taking deep breaths can not only get your oxygen levels up, it can also help to circulate your blood and get you even more prepared for the day. After taking those cleansing breaths, breathe normally and visualize your day. Reflect on your life, things that energize your mood, elevate your spirit and keep you motivated.

Just those few extra minutes in the morning of stretching, taking some deep and cleansing breaths and taking a few minutes to meditate will help you best prepare for the day and have you feeling great all day long.

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