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Does Latisse Really Grow Eyelashes?

Thick, long eyelashes have always been considered a marker of beauty and good health. There are many medical issues that can cause lashes to become thin or damaged, such as nutritional deficiencies, eye infections and thyroid problems. Injuries to the eye area, like over-rubbing of the eyes or pulling at the lashes, as well as allergic reactions, can also damage lashes or cause them to fall out. However, sparse eyelashes are more frequently caused by genes. If you have relatives with sparse lashes, you’re more likely to have them yourself.

Fortunately, modern medical technology has made it possible to thwart nature and boost the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Latisse, a prescription eyelash enhancement product that has been approved by the FDA, can help.

Does Latisse Really Grow Eyelashes?

Yes, Latisse really does grow your eyelashes. It works by prolonging the amount of time that your eyelash follicles remain in the growth phase. For this reason, your lashes are able to become longer and thicker.

Latisse is used once each day to the lash line of your upper eyelid. The benefits begin gradually, and they’re generally noticeable within four weeks. Most patients enjoy the full results after 16 weeks.

It’s important to be aware that Latisse must not be used more than once per day or on the lower eyelids. If you stop using the product, your eyelashes will return to normal with time.

While clinical studies have found Latisse to be safe for the vast majority of people, there is small possibility of rare side effects. These include permanent darkening of the iris and redness, itching, irritation or dryness of the eyes. These issues are experienced by less than four percent of Latisse users.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should stop using the product and speak with your provider.

Schedule an appointment to find out if Latisse is right for you. This product is by prescription only, so you must see a provider before using this product. If you find this product sold online by anyone other than a medically licensed professional, do not purchase it.

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