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New: CoolSculpting for Arms

The same device you love to freeze away unwanted fat on your belly and thighs is now available, and FDA-approved, to treat upper arm fat. If you are tired of the jiggle when you wave to a friend, or you’d like to wear tank tops for a change, you can learn more about our new CoolSculpting for arms applicator in the article below. Get the skinny (pun intended) on how CoolSculpting helps people just like you get rid of unwanted upper arm fat.

Bat Wings Be Gone With CoolSculpting for Arms

coolsculpting for arms before and after
Before and after photos courtesy of the manufacturer. Individual results vary.

As the #1 non-surgical fat reduction device, CoolSculpting has successfully helped men and women around the world reduce unwanted fat without liposuction. The special applicator is applied to the treatment area to freeze the unwanted fat cells. These fat cells will die off and are eliminated by your body’s lymphatic system. After a series of treatments, most patients see noticeable improvement and reduction of unwanted body fat.

With the arms, the CoolSculpting procedure isn’t much different. The only real difference is the type of applicator that is used. While a larger CoolSculpting applicator is used for the belly area, for example, the upper arms require a smaller applicator, as the treatment area is more narrow. This is the only significant difference between the upper arm CoolSculpting treatment and CoolSculpting for thighs or love handles.

How Fat Freezing Works

CoolSculpting uses a technology known as cryolipolysis that freezes fat without harming the surrounding tissue. While you may feel cold during your treatment, your skin will not freeze or become damaged by the treatment. The cooling will freeze the fat cells over the course of your treatment (35-60 minutes). Once frozen, the fat cells begin to die off and are flushed through your body’s natural processes and do not return.

Other Upper Arm Treatments

If loose skin, and not unwanted fat, is your primary concern, then CoolSculpting is not for you. If skin tightening is what you’re looking for, a more appropriate treatment would be Thermage. Thermage is a non-surgical radiofrequency skin tightening treatment that can be used virtually anywhere on the body.

Who is a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting for Arms?

Most patients are good candidates for CoolSculpting treatments if they:

  • are healthy adults
  • have unwanted upper arm fat
  • aren’t good candidates for liposuction or wish to avoid an invasive procedure

No treatment is right for everyone, however. If you have a lot of fat in the area or desire faster results, you may wish to consider liposuction as an alternative. It’s important to discuss the pros and cons of different treatments with your providers to determine which solutions are right for your needs.

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*Individual results vary from patient to patient.