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Clear and Brilliant Laser: The Gentle, Celebrity-Favorite Laser Treatment

The Clear and Brilliant laser treatment (Clear+Brilliant) is a gentle laser procedure that provides amazing results with no downtime. This makes it a perfect treatment for celebrities who need to look great in a hurry without the long-term redness or peeling that may come with other laser skin procedures or chemical peels. Due to its amazing results with no downtime, production companies have included the Clear and Brilliant laser in film contracts with actors and actresses. Celebrities also choose this gentle procedure just days before a walk down the red carpet. Let’s look at which celebrities are choosing the Clear and Brilliant laser treatment and why they swear by this gentle laser procedure we also offer here at Ultra Smooth Skin in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona.

How the Clear and Brilliant Laser Improves Skin

Clear+Brilliant is an FDA-approved gentle laser treatment that provides multiple skin and anti-aging benefits. Originally developed to even out skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation, Clear+Brilliant can also help shrink enlarged pores and mild skin texture concerns. This makes Clear+Brilliant an excellent treatment for patients who:

  • have mild skin care concerns and struggles
  • are focused on preventative skin care measures
  • want to maintain results after Fraxel or more aggressive laser skin resurfacing procedures

Patients who have tried the Clear and Brilliant laser have seen brighter skin, decreased skin pigmentation, reduced appearance of scars, smaller pores, and even a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Other amazing benefits of the Clear and Brilliant laser include:

  1. Skin Care Product Penetration: Micro-channels in the skin created by the laser treatment allow your skin care products to more deeply penetrate the skin, enhancing your results.
  2. Collagen & Elastin Production: Laser treatments trigger collagen and elastin growth, sending youthful building blocks to the treatment area. This enhances youthfulness in the skin, as fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.

Why Celebrities Love Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatments

Celebrities are very good about taking care of their skin with regular visits to their preferred skin care professionals. While they have likely spent a great deal of time and money on more aggressive treatments, such as the Fraxel laser or even CO2 laser treatments, they cannot afford the downtime required with regular sessions for upkeep while they’re actively working. Prevention is also key for any patient who frequently spends time in front of cameras that are now high-definition and catch every minor flaw in the skin. This is why celebrities, especially models and actors, are turning to Clear+Brilliant to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and maintain results achieved from Fraxel and more aggressive skin resurfacing procedures.

The main benefits of Clear+Brilliant for celebrities are that it’s:

  • gentle, with only 12-24 hours of downtime
  • visibly improves skin health and appearance
  • maintains results from more aggressive skin care treatments and lasers
  • preventative skin care and anti-aging

Clear+Brilliant is so effective, yet gentle, that production companies put the treatment into movie contracts. This means that actors are required to receive Clear and Brilliant laser treatments while filming in order to keep their skin bright, youthful, and healthy without the redness and peeling that comes with many other professional treatments.

Celebrities Who Love the Clear and Brilliant Laser Procedure

Model, beauty brand owner, and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley is very open about the professional skin care and anti-aging treatments she has tried and loved. In addition to becoming a spokesperson for Xeomin, a BOTOX alternative injectable procedure, she also gets Clear and Brilliant laser treatments to help reverse sun damage from her childhood in Malibu and the decades of modeling on beaches.

Actress Drew Barrymore told the New York Times that, once a year, she has Clear and Brilliant laser treatments to help reduce the appearance of sun damage and melasma, a skin pigmentation that occurs during pregnancy. She said, “No matter how much sunscreen and how many hats, I have a lot of brown spots.” Of course, sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats are still recommended for preventing sun damage, sunburns, and skin cancer, so protect your skin and get sun damage reversing treatments.

Friends and Cougar Town star Courteney Cox is no stranger to aesthetic beauty treatments and openly talks about the treatments she loves and those she regrets. So, it’s no surprised she openly mentioned Clear+Brilliant during one of many interviews. She also raves about microneedling, another treatment we offer here at Ultra Smooth Skin.

Courteney’s BFF from Friends Jennifer Aniston has also tried the Clear+Brilliant treatment, telling InStyle, “It’s a great refresher…It won’t make you look like a peeled tomato.”

Why Choose Ultra Smooth Skin for Clear and Brilliant Laser Skin Treatments in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ?

Ultra Smooth Skin is led by Certified Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Lisa Williams, its founder and owner. Lisa is a Fellow at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and is authorized by the State of Arizona to provide cosmetic laser treatments as well as train other providers on the safety and use of such laser treatments. She also served as a Medical Laser Safety Officer, where she developed policies and procedures in medical health care facilities and is responsible for the testing and certification of nurses and aestheticians for cosmetic laser skin treatments, including Clear+Brilliant laser peel procedures. There is simply no more qualified cosmetic laser treatment provider in Arizona.

Get Started with the Clear and Brilliant Laser in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ, at Ultra Smooth Skin

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