At-home tips to make your eyes look more refreshed!

Puffy, red or even slightly closed eyes can be a result of allergies, a lack of sleep or simply due to external factors which are giving your eyes a look that makes your whole face look tired and drawn out. You can use a few home remedies to help your eyes look more refreshed, and thus give your whole face a brighter and more wide awake appearance. Though you can use products designed to recharge the skin around the eyes and help with dark circles, puffiness and even redness; you can use at home options when you want a fast pick me up or are simply out of such products.

One of the more traditional methods is to use freshly sliced and chilled cucumbers on the eyes. If you have not chilled down the cucumbers in advance, you can dip them in a bowl of ice water to cool them down. Place the slices over your closed eyes, lay back and relax for roughly 15 minutes while the cucumber reduces puffiness and energizes the blood vessels around the eyes to help them look more awake.

If you do not have cucumbers in the house, you can use ice cold water and a cold compress to help bring a refreshed look to your eyes as well. Soak a clean washcloth in ice water, wring out until damp and apply with gentle pressure to the eyes to reduce redness, swelling and to bring blood to the surface and thus help the skin appear more refreshed and awake.

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