Allergy Season Survival Guide

Allergy season can refer to nearly any time of the year that causes many people to experience sneezing, sniffling, sinus headaches and other symptoms of allergies. For most people however, allergy season occurs in the spring, when the plants begin to open and release pollen spores that can cause allergy flare-ups. Surviving the impending allergy season and its frustrating symptoms is a matter of being proactive about your health.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to survive seasonal allergies is to arm yourself with over-the-counter and prescription medication that have worked for your allergy symptoms in the past. Don’t wait until your symptoms are in full force to call your doctor for a prescription, get that prescription in late winter and have it ready for the unexpected warm snaps. These warm snaps often occur in late winter and can trigger the release of mold spores and pollen into the air your breathe. Once you’re experiencing allergy symptoms, the allergens have already invaded your body and taking medication may or may not be as effective as taking it before you start sneezing.

Wash yourself and your clothing frequently, particularly during allergy season. When you’re outdoors, pollen, dust and other potential allergens attach to your skin, hair and clothing. When you come inside, you’re releasing all of those allergens into your environment. Instead of sitting on the couch immediately, change your clothes and take a quick shower when you come in from outdoors. Wash your clothing in hot water when possible to kill potential antigens.

Instead of relying on over-the-counter nasal sprays that can lead to dependency in order to breathe, consider using a saline spray. Saline spray closely matches your body’s biochemistry and is not addictive. Used daily, saline spray can draw allergens out of your nasal cavity and sinuses, allowing your to avoid symptoms like sinus problems.

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