3 Simple Steps for Flawless Skin Year Round!

Just when you put away the sunscreen and recover from sun exposure through the summer months, the cold weather threatens to dry out your skin. Do not be discouraged with trying to keep up with all the skin problems a year can bring. Here are some tips to help you have flawless skin no matter what the season:

Cleanse Your Skin Gently
Skin care companies market all kinds of cleansers, and many of them come with a high price tag. Some issues with the skin could be a result of harsh cleaning practices. Although different skin types will need different types of cleansers, go with the gentlest cleanser for what you want to do. Many times cool water and a bar of non-soap cleanser can do the job for much less than an expensive line of products.

Decide on the Right Kind of Skin Toner
Some toners contain moisturizers and oils to soothe skin. Others are astringents and tighten up the skin while removing oils. An astringent skin toner has an alcohol base, so it can have a drying effect. If you have very dry but oily skin, you may need a freshening toner which removes oil with gentler substances such as green tea or rosemary.

Moisturize for Your Unique Needs
Just as with a cleanser or toner, you need to consider your skin type when choosing a face cream. Moisturization has much to do with your stage of life. If you are a teenager and you struggle with acne and oily skin, you need a moisturizer that does not contain additional oils that aggravate the condition. On the other hand, specific problems such as eczema or very dry skin require oily moisturizers to seal in extra oil for healing. If you are older, you may need the anti-aging benefits of a face cream that stimulates your skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Skin care is an individual process. There is no one-size-fits-all product. Less is usually more, so use the minimal amount of products to give you the flawless skin you want. Then, consume a healthy diet and drink plenty of water so nature can do its job all year long.

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