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Not into chemical peels? Get a Clear+Brilliant Laser Peel!

clear and brilliant before and after photos
Clear+Brilliant before and after photos.

Concerned about wrinkles, acne scars, or hyperpigmentation? The Clear and Brilliant Light Laser Peel smooth out skin tone and texture, helping you look more youthful and rejuvenated. This innovative laser treatment is similar to a face peel but provides more extensive resurfacing than microdermabrasion or most surface skin peels. It is less extensive than a Fraxel treatment, however, providing the perfect choice for those who need something in between these other options. With dramatic results and little downtime, Clear and Brilliant has rapidly become a popular treatment at our Gainey office in Scottsdale, AZ.

Clear and Brilliant: The Gentle Laser Treatment

Approved by the FDA in 2011, this innovative laser peel technology of Clear and Brilliant is gentle and noninvasive, using a controlled beam of light to generate heat that instantly vaporizes skin tissue, removing very thin layers to give your skin a smoother look and feel. The treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars such as those left by acne, and it can treat bags and saggy areas around the mouth and eyes. Areas of uneven pigment can be evened out as well, leaving your skin beautifully clear, smooth, and radiant.

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What to Expect From Clear and Brilliant at Ultra Smooth Skin

At Ultra Smooth Skin, you'll work with one of our licensed aestheticians who is also a certified cosmetic laser technician (CLT). Our highly qualified technicians have undergone special training in the use of the Clear and Brilliant laser to ensure that you get the best possible results from your treatment. Typically, you'll experience some redness for a few days after treatment, but most patients see visible results almost immediately. At our Gainey/Scottsdale office, we're committed to providing top quality care so that you can face the world with confidence.

The Clear and Brilliant Consultation

Before your Clear and Brilliant Light Laser treatment, you'll consult with one of our aestheticians about how the procedure works and what kinds of results you can expect. You'll talk about what kinds of results you desire and determine the exact trouble spots you'd like to see improved. If our technician feels another treatment would be appropriate, she'll make a recommendation that is most likely to give you the results you want. During your consultation, you can ask any questions you might have so that your treatment will be worry-free.

The Clear and Brilliant Procedure

The Clear and Brilliant Procedure, performed right in our Scottsdale area offices, takes about half an hour. Your technician will use the handpiece to administer the laser treatment for about fifteen minutes. Afterward, your skin will be treated with an antioxidant serum, and then you'll relax for about 15 minutes with a refreshing mask treatment.

Clear and Brilliant Results and Follow-up Treatments

Within a few days, you'll start to see a reduction in the appearance of fine wrinkles and minor scarring. Your skin will feel smoother, and many patients report a healthy "glow" or a radiant look to their skin. You'll have a follow-up appointment a week or so later, depending upon the recommendations of your aesthetician. Occasional maintenance treatments will help you keep a smoother, healthier look in the long term.

clear and brilliant before and after
Before and after of Clear+Brilliant Permea. After is one month following six treatments. Photographs courtesy of Solta Medical Aesthetic Center.

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Clear and Brilliant FAQ

If you're still not sure if Clear and Brilliant is right for you, consider a few of the most frequently asked questions.

How does Clear and Brilliant work?

Clear and Brilliant uses a special beam of light, precisely applied to your skin to remove surface layers. These outer layers of skin are vaporized by the laser, giving your skin a brighter, smoother, more luminous appearance. Your aesthetician will use an advanced handpiece that allows precise application of the laser. The handpiece includes patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ technology to ensure that the laser is applied evenly and consistently over the treated areas.

Why should I choose Ultra Smooth Skin for Clear and Brilliant?

The cosmetic laser technicians at Ultra Smooth Skin are specially trained to perform Clear and Brilliant Light Laser as well as other laser skin treatments. With our extensive experience and convenient Scottsdale-area locations, we'll be sure you're provided with the high-quality care you deserve.

clear and brilliant before and after
Before and after of Clear+Brilliant Permea. After is one month following six treatments. Photographs courtesy of Solta Medical Aesthetic Center.

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How is Clear and Brilliant different from other laser treatments?

Clear and Brilliant provides an option for those who would like a rejuvenating effect but prefer not to undergo more extensive resurfacing treatments. Treatment with Clear and Brilliant is quick and non-invasive, and you'll experience little-to-no downtime. You can use skin care products and makeup right away, and most people return to everyday activities immediately. Clear and Brilliant also uses innovative Intelligent Optical Tracking to be sure treatment is even and consistent.

Clear and Brilliant is also a wonderful maintenance and preventative laser treatment. Many patients who have reduced skin pigmentation and aging with Fraxel and other laser skin resurfacing procedures find that Clear and Brillaint helps maintain those results without the downtime associated with other lasers.

Who is a good candidate for Clear and Brilliant?

Anyone who's looking for smoother, younger-looking, more vibrant skin might be a good candidate for Clear and Brilliant. This treatment is particularly applicable to people who already have an established skin care regimen and who don't need or desire a more aggressive approach. Your consultation at our Scottsdale, AZ, area office will help you determine if Clear and Brilliant is the best choice to help you meet your goals.

Who shouldn't get Clear and Brilliant?

If you're looking for more aggressive skin resurfacing, such as treatment for severe scarring, Clear and Brilliant might not be the best choice for you. In this case, ask about our Fraxel treatments. You also might not be a good candidate for Clear and Brilliant if you are suffering from skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, inflammation, or cold sores or if you have recently had another form of skin peel or laser treatment on your face. You should also avoid Clear and Brilliant if you're overly sensitive to light or have experienced keloid scarring. Be sure to mention any health issues you may have as well as any medications you are taking during your consultation.

What areas can be treated with Clear and Brilliant?

Any areas affected with fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, acne scarring, stretch marks, or a baggy appearance can be treated with Clear and Brilliant. Discuss these problem areas during your consultation to determine the right approach for treatment.

Where will my Clear and Brilliant treatments be performed?

Your Clear and Brilliant treatments will be performed in one of our Scottsdale-area offices. One of our certified cosmetic laser technicians will perform the procedure. Specially trained in the use of the Clear and Brilliant Light Laser, they will ensure you get the best possible results.

Is Clear and Brilliant painful? Is anesthesia available?

To ensure your comfort, our cosmetic laser technician will supply a topical anesthetic cream before the treatment begins.

What are the potential side-effects with Clear and Brilliant?

After your treatment, your skin may appear red, and you may feel as if you have a mild sunburn. Minor swelling can also occur, as well as light peeling over the next few days. These are all normal, but if you experience any serious discomfort, be sure to let us know right away. Your aesthetician will discuss proper aftercare to ensure successful healing and optimal results.

How much does Clear and Brilliant cost?

Cost is based on treatment area. Each treatment area has a cost, but most patients require a series of treatments. Per treatment pricing is listed below. However, we recommend you also check our monthly specials to see if we're running any promotions on C+B this month.

Where can I see Clear and Brilliant before and after pictures?

You can see before-and-after pictures showing the dramatic results of Clear and Brilliant at the official Clear+Brilliant website. These photos can help you decide if this laser treatment is right for you.

If you're looking for a provider for Clear and Brilliant light laser treatment in the Greater Phoenix area, consider Ultra Smooth Skin and our staff of certified Cosmetic Laser Technicians. Contact us today for more information.

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