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Botox has competition, and its name is Dysport®


Dysport quickly became a major player in facial rejuvenation treatments approved by the FDA. It is so popular because it works well to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Our medical spas in Scottsdale and Chandler commonly recommend this treatment as an alternative to Botox® Cosmetic.

Dysport: The #1 Botox Alternative

Dysport was developed by Galderma® to work similarly to Botox Cosmetic, but with specific differences to help accommodate patients who don't respond well to the popular injectable wrinkle relaxer. Dysport is a prescription injection that is FDA-approved to smooth out the appearance of crow's feet, forehead lines, and brow lines.

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What to Expect With a Dysport Treatment at Ultra Smooth Skin

At Ultra Smooth Skin, you can expect to feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving Dysport treatments. From the very first consultation to the actual procedure and follow-up treatments, each patient's health and well-being are of the utmost importance to us. You will be in the best possible care while receiving Dysport injections or any other service we provide to our patients.

The Dysport Consultation

When you come to Ultra Smooth Skin for your first appointment, we will begin with a personalized consultation to determine which injectable wrinkle relaxer is best for your needs. We will also do a medical examination and go over your health history, including prescriptions and supplements you're taking. This helps us determine if you're a good candidate for treatment. If we determine that Dysport is the best and safe solution for you, we will proceed with scheduling your procedure with instruction on how to prepare.

The Dysport Procedure

It usually only takes about 10 to 20 minutes for the actual procedure. An injection specialist will determine the best placement for the injections for your specific treatment areas. Using a fine gauge needle, your provider will inject Dysport into the muscles to reduce contraction and movement. This will soften existing lines, slow progression of the deepening of lines, and help prevent new lines from forming.

Dysport Results and Follow-up Treatments

After your Dysport treatment, we will schedule a follow-up examination to monitor your results. If this was your first time getting Dysport, you may require additional touch-ups at this time for best results. After we've achieved the desired result, Dysport lasts for up to 4 months. Repeated treatments will be required to maintain results, though many patients require fewer injections during these follow-up visits.

dysport results
Dysport before and after courtesy Galderma.

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Dysport FAQ

If you're still not sure if Dysport is right for you, here are answers to many of the questions we frequently encounter. Note that it's best to have a consultation with one of our aesthetic injectors to get answers to specific questions related to your case. However, these will help you get started while you wait for your first appointment with us.

How Does Dysport Work?

Dysport is a neuromuscular-blocking toxin that works to prevent the release of acetylcholine at the ends of nerves, which are responsible for muscular spasms. Dysport acts at the level of the muscle; it is made up of botulinum neurotoxin type A complex, the same ingredient found in Botox Cosmetic. Dysport helps to relax the lines on your face and helps slow the onset of wrinkles in the upper face.

Why Should I Choose Ultra Smooth Skin for My Dysport Treatments?

Ultra Smooth Skin has earned a Black Diamond certification from Allergan®, the manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic. This certification is rarely given out, and it comes with the complete satisfaction of patient care according to Allergan standards. Only 1% of medical aesthetic practices receive this certification, so you can be sure that you are in good hands when receiving your cosmetic injectable procedures at Ultra Smooth Skin.

before and after dysport for men
Dysport before and after courtesy of Galderma.

How Is Dysport Different From Botox Cosmetic?

Dysport is slightly different from Botox Cosmetic. There is less of the botulinum toxin in Dysport than in Botox Cosmetic; however, Dysport spreads over more area while Botox is more localized to the injection site. This allows Dysport to offer more coverage for some patients. Patients who metabolize Botox more quickly will often choose Dysport as an alternative that lasts longer. Because every patient is different, choosing between Botox Cosmetic and Dysport should be done with the expertise of a seasoned injector who can make recommendations based on providing you with the best results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dysport?

A good candidate for Dysport would be a healthy adult over 21 years of age who has fine lines and wrinkles in the upper face.

Who Shouldn't Get Dysport Treatments?

Anyone who has an allergy to any ingredient in Dysport should not use it. Someone with surgical changes to their face, weak muscles in the facial area, droopy eyelids, deep facial scars, or very oily skin should probably not use Dysport. If the injection site is inflamed, Dysport is probably not the best treatment plan for you. If you've had a reaction to another injectable wrinkle relaxer like Botox Cosmetic or Xeomin, or if you have a history of severe allergies, an injection specialist likely won't recommend Dysport. Patients who are pregnant, nursing, or taking blood thinning medications should not use Dysport or other injectable facial treatments. We will work with you to provide alternative treatment options from our menu of services if Dysport and other injectables aren't right for you.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Dysport?

Dysport is used to treat crow's feet, forehead lines, and brow lines; however, it's history goes beyond cosmetic anti-aging. Dysport was initially developed and subsequently approved in many markets around the world, outside the U.S., for the treatment of movement disorders such as cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis), blepharospasm (involuntary eye closure), hemifacial spasm and various forms of muscle spasticity, including post-stroke arm spasticity, spasticity of the lower limbs (calf) in adults and children with cerebral palsy. It was later developed for the treatment of a wide variety of neuromuscular disorders and aesthetic medicine.

Where Will My Dysport Treatment Be Performed?

The Dysport procedure will occur at one of our locations in the Phoenix area. It shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to complete the injections. We will monitor you for a short while and then let you go back to your normal daily activities after the treatment is over with instructions to help you get the best results.

Is Dysport Painful? Is Anesthesia Available?

Topical anesthesia can be used, but most patients report that Dysport treatments are comfortable with only a mild pinching sensation from injections. Ice can also be provided to help maintain your comfort levels and reduce swelling.

What Are the Potential Side Effects With Dysport?

With any medication or procedure, there are side effects that could possibly occur. Most side-effects are mild and include headache, bruising, and swelling at the injection site. Serious side effects are rare and can be prevented by ensuring you see a provider with extensive experience with aesthetic injections. However, if you experience a severe reaction such as trouble breathing or signs of an allergic reaction, seek emergency medical assistance immediately. Your injection specialist will discuss all of the potential side-effects prior to treatment.

How Much Does Dysport Cost?

Dysport injections typically cost slightly less than Botox Cosmetic injections; however, the cost will vary among the different providers. At our three convenient locations, we offer monthly specials as well as the Aspire Galderma Rewards® program. Points can be earned for every treatment that occurs and also for referring other individuals to the program and taking part in beauty quizzes about products.

Where Can I See Before-and-After Photos of Patients Who Have Had Dysport?

To see before-and-after pictures of people who have received Dysport treatments, visit the official Dysport website to see real patient results.

Important: All FDA-approved drugs have inherent risk. Read important safety information.

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