November 2017 Monthly Specials

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Enhance Your Face with Sculptra®

Sculptra Aesthetic targets crepey, wrinkling lower-face and helps restore facial volume.

Please note: Sculptra Aesthetic is suitable for deep folds between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds, also called smile lines), the lines framing your mouth (known as marionette lines), and chin wrinkles.

CoolSculpting — Look Your Best Now!

CoolSculpting is the No. 1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment available. It's both convenient and has little-to-no-downtime. We now offer 35-minute sessions!

Call 480-991-3038 now for pricing and to schedule your treatment today!

Please note: The average CoolSculpting patient is a candidate for four small applicators on flanks or abdomen. An assessment is required to determine the best treatment plan. Call today for your complimentary assessment!

November Botox® Cosmetic Offer

We are a Black Diamond provider — trust your Botox to an expert! Botox is the No. 1 cosmetic procedure done in the United States because it works!

  • Get Botox for only $8.99 per unit (see below for added potential savings)
  • Added savings: If you have a $20 Brilliant Distinctions coupon available, we'll take an additional $20 OFF and your price will be as low as $8.19 per unit!
Potential added savings alert: You may have a Brilliant Distinctions coupon available in your account and not even know it. If you do, we will assist you in locating it!

Thermage — The Gold Standard in Skin Tightening

Thermage is like Pilates for the skin; it tones and tightens skin on the face and body for a more youthful-looking appearance. These Thermage offers are location-specific. Visit our Ocotillo location for your Thermage treatment and save even more!

Please note: Each offer is only available at the location specified. No exceptions.

Skin Rejuvenation — Mild Enough for the Holiday Season!

Why stop at injectables? Your skin needs to be rejuvenated for a truly youthful appearance. If you have concerns with sun-damaged skin, redness, uneven tone, enlarged pores, acne scarring, or unwanted texture, try a Clear+Brilliant laser peel.

Longer Lashes Are Only a Call Away!

Latisse is FDA-approved to lengthen lashes, and this month we're upping the "Wow!" factor a lot! The 5mL size is about a four-month supply.

Jen and Laura's Fabulous November Botox and Filler Offers — Limited Dates/Location Only!

These two offers are exclusive to Jen, RN, on Wednesdays and Fridays at our DC Ranch location; and Saturdays at our Gainey location ONLY! If booking with Laura, NP, this offer is valid on Tuesdays and Fridays at our Gainey location; and Thursdays at our Chandler/Ocotillo location.

Treat your wrinkles with Botox AND Juvederm!

Please note: Offers can't be combined with any other discount, such as corporate employee discounts or Village member discounts. Marionette lines, oral commissure, smile lines, pre-jowl sulcas, jowl lines. Lips, regardless of who is giving the treatment, are $50 additional. *Plus deduct a Brilliant Distinctions' voucher if you have one available in your account. If you do, we will assist you in locating it!

Jen and Laura's Dysport Special

These offers are exclusive to Jen and Laura. Dysport is a lower-cost alternative to Botox.

Exclusive in-house Galderma vouchers included in this total.

Please note: Must book with Jen or Laura to get the $3.15 per unit rate. No exceptions. Some restrictions apply as it may be recommended that you need more units. Special discounted pricing on all Galderma products includes a $20 Aspire discount certificate (if eligible).

Liquid Face Lift with Lisa, NP

Juvederm + Botox is a natural combination that provides great results, and this month Lisa has created two great specials for you!

Please note: special bonus might be available! Take up to an additional $50 off with any Brilliant Distinctions vouchers you may have in your portal. There is a $50 limit even if you have more available in your account. These offers can't be combined with any other discount, such as corporate employee discounts or Village member discounts. Offer is good towards Marionette lines, oral commissure, smile lines, pre-jowl sulcas, and jowl lines. Lips and tear troughs are $465 per syringe.

*Offers are not available with any other offer or sale item. Not good on full price or sale services already purchased. Please note: to receive these specials you must mention that you saw the offer online or received an email. Offers valid November 1-30, 2017, except Training Days and/or special events held by specific nurse practitioners or RN's where dates and times are explicitly stated. No exceptions.

About Lisa Williams and Ultra Smooth Skin — View All Medical Credentials:

  • "Black Diamond" BOTOX® Cosmetic and Juvéderm Provider Top 1% Nationwide
  • Authorized by the State of Arizona to certify and train in Laser Cosmetic Procedures
  • So. Scottsdale Magazine (Feb. 2017 — "Top 30 to Watch" pg. 74)

We have THREE locations to serve you: two in Scottsdale and one in Chandler. Find an address that's convenient, and then give us a call today!

1Individual results may vary. 2All manufacturer claims, in regards to the benefits, process, length/effectiveness of treatments, how soon you'll see results or heal, or claims of minimal side effects such as minor redness or mild discomfort or no downtime, are provided by the pharmaceautical manufacturers as part of their guidelines in promoting their product and are backed by case studies/peer-reviewed publications and are published on their individual websites. 3Testimonials are the opinions of real clients that wanted to provide them and express their opinion to others. When written, the only editing done was to fix minor grammatical/syntax errors and/or to truncate extended testimonials that, while nice, went a bit long. Video testimonials are unedited. 4Treatments and services that are time-related (such as fees per a "20 minute session") are rooted in the fact that most appointments (i.e. the historical average amount of time required to complete most areas we treat) take that amount of time; however, it may be recommended or advised or necessary that more than one session time is required to achieve whatever affect you're looking for (such as someone wanting to treat many areas of their body vs someone simply wanting to treat their hands). A quick consultation in our office will provide you the exact time required to treat whatever you wish since treatment areas have a direct impact on time required to treat such areas. 5Superlatives, when describing services/products, are manufacturer claims and, in the end, it's your opinion as to what service/product is right/effective/best for you. 6Internal comparison claims comparing one technology to another (such as stating that a new product is x% better than the previous model, similar to how a 2017 model vehicle has many advances/improvements over a 2010 vehicle), when comparisons are done within the same company's lineup, are the manufacturer's statement-of-fact and reflect the latest science and/or breakthrough that, when released as a product, is the best/most effective at the time within their own product lineup — they are not claims comparing their product against other manufacturers' products. 7Videos, which we have chosen to add links to on our website, are either local television coverage pieces or third-party videos that we feel are great for learning and gaining an overview of the process of several services we offer; but third-party videos (e.g. those in the public domain, such as YouTube) in no way should be construed as an endorsement of Ultra Smooth Skin and/or our services specifically. They are meant as an awareness tool to help you decide upon common treatments provided by Ultra Smooth Skin and medspa providers nationwide. Some videos are produced by the pharmceutical manufacturers and others are by service providers, while still others are television appearances by Lisa Williams, the owner of Ultra Smooth Skin. 8Time is accurate as certain procedures have a fixed-length time of treatment per area. 9At our locations. 10Data on file at manufacturer.

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