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"I have had the pleasure of going to Lisa Williams for several years now — in fact, I would say that I was one her first clients! Being well-traveled, I can say that she is one of the best in the country at what she does. The list of things that I admire about Lisa is long, but what stands out to me is her dedication to continuing education — I admire that the most, and it really sets her apart and the quality of her work shows.

When it comes to injectables, Lisa is by far the most talented, skilled and artistic person I have ever gone too. Lisa knows how to inject products like Botox and Juvéderm for optimal results.

Lisa is an advanced injector certified by both Allegan ( Botox and Juvéderm ) and Medicis ( Restylane , Restylane Lyft and Dysport ). The reason this is important is in the result of the service. Lisa not only provides an amazing treatment, but the amount of bruising is minimal to non-existent!!! This is important to me especially when it comes to dermal fillers. I am someone who tends to bruise easily so when I decide to schedule an appointment for something like Juvéderm, I have to make sure I have nowhere to be for at least 7-10 days due to bruising. This is not the case with Lisa. While some bruising is normal, when I get a treatment from Lisa, I either have none at all or it's so minimal that after a little cover-up, no one could ever see it.

In closing, I work in the marketing industry and ironically, my clients are mainly plastic surgeons and med-spas that offer the same sort of services Lisa does. I have my choice of practitioners all over the Phoenix valley — many whom offer me their services at a highly discounted rate — but I choose Lisa every time.

If you are considering undergoing any sort of medical aesthetic related procedure, I cannot recommend Lisa Williams highly enough. I know first-hand the level of service you will receive. Lisa Williams is the Gold Standard when it comes to the Medical Aesthetic Field." — D.S.3

Restylane and Dysport

"I just love the Restylane and Dysport that you gave me last night. My girlfriend noticed my great results and wanted to know who I went to, so I referred her immediately to you. See you in a couple of weeks!" — C.G.3

Botox® Cosmetic

"Lisa is a MASTER!!! I had tried a few others before her but apparently I have a tricky face to do. Not for Lisa! She has kept me wrinkle-free, smooth and fresh without looking over done, and plastic! People always say, "You don't need Botox !" And that is a complete testimony to Lisa's techniques. They don't realize that "having it" is what keeps me looking naturally youthful when it's nothing to do with nature and all to do with Ultra Smooth Skin! Lisa and her crew are my best kept beauty secret that I don't keep secret at all!!!! Thank you, Lisa, for being the person behind my look! Don't know where I'd be without your magic! Xo!" — H.M.3

"Hi, Lisa. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of my Botox injections and my lips. I've had several different people do my Botox and I'm not sure if it's because this time I elected to have more than I usually do but the results are great. Thanks again for great work!" — M.V.3

"Dear Lisa, I wanted to let you know how happy I was with the Botox treatment I received from Ultra Smooth Skin. My results were amazing! I have had this treatment before, and can honestly see the difference in your injection approach versus when I had it done by someone else. You clearly understand how to work with the product and know the right injection spots to achieve the greatest results. The best part was you managed to achieve better results using fewer units of Botox, ultimately saving me money. Additionally, I felt very comfortable during the entire process and felt you explained what you were doing so that I understood and learned about the process. I appreciated that fact that you didn't over-inject me, opting instead to encourage me to come back if you missed any areas. I thought it was important to share my feedback with you — I am extremely happy with my results, and look forward to continuing on a regular schedule to maintain my results. I would happily recommend you to anyone who is looking for a practitioner skilled with Botox." — D.P.3


"I wanted to let you know that my CoolSculpting treatment is working very well and so far I am very happy with the results! I am already down 2.5-inches since my treatment date one month ago." — J.S.3


"Lisa, I am absolutely THRILLED with the Dysport results and noticed the difference almost immediately. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" — J.A.3

Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

"Thought I'd write and let you know how much you, and the services you offer, have changed my life. I received a mailer from Ultra Smooth Skin with a great deal on Fraxel. I had a mask of brown spots on my face, and I decided to give it a try. I can't begin to tell you what an effect it's had on my self-esteem...my whole life. After three Fraxel treatments, I LOVE the look of my skin! The brown spots are pretty much gone and I've even lost some wrinkles. I honestly feel like a new woman. So thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa!!! I wish I had met you years ago." — D.G.3

"Lisa: I just wanted to say that I love the results of my Fraxel treatment! Amazing results after just 7 days! I can tell a huge difference in overall texture, skin tone, acne scars, and the sun damaged / discolored skin is not as severe. The first few days were touch and go and I had some redness for about 4 days; but the pain wasn't all that bad. The cleanser and cream you gave me did just fine and I had no reaction to them. I'll see you for round No. 2. Thanks again!" — K.B.3

Juvéderm Voluma XC

"I've had laser hair removal at Ultra smooth skin, and had Lisa do Botox (love a smooth forehead), but this month I tried the new injectable Voluma. It looks great! If I have to rush to work at the hospital, I don't mind going without makeup. I have great confidence in their expertise." — W.T.3


"Thank you for being so thorough and following up with me! I have to tell you...since my laserfacial my dermatitis has all but disappeared! I really feel like you gave me one of the best laserfacials I've ever had...nothing like what I've experienced before. And...your professionalism and knowledge is outstanding! I'm so happy to have met you. I look forward to my next visit." — S.H.3

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