What does the Allergan Black Diamond designation mean?

When thinking of skin care and the treatment of wrinkles, what word first comes to mind? It was more than likely the word Botox, right?

Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm injectable gels, and Latisse eyelash growth enhancements are a few of the many brands manufactured from a leading health care company called Allergan.  When searching for a physician specializing in these areas, you may have noticed the physician or facility was honored with a Black Diamond award from Allergan (such as here at Ultra Smooth Skin in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ).

Why is this award relevant to you? Well, once a year, Allergan awards aesthetics clinics nationwide through its “Allergan Partner Privileges” program (APP). This unique program awards status levels to clinics based on the volume of Allergan products purchased. The status levels start at Silver and progress through Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, Diamond and Black Diamond. The Black Diamond designation is awarded to an elite group of medical aesthetics practices who are among the top one percent of all Allergan’s injectors in the United States. This includes a very small group out of more than thirty thousand accounts in the United States offering Allergan products.

Although medical aesthetics practices awarded Allergan’s Black Diamond status have purchased high volumes of Allergan products, the Black Diamond designation is one of the most prestigious and sought-after awards within the cosmetic and skin care fields. Allergan rewards these clinics with quarterly rebates so they can pass those savings on to you, the patient.

At Ultra Smooth Skin, we are an Allergan Black Diamond provider, making us one of the top Botox injectors in the entire country. Where else would you go to get the best possible treatment of your facial wrinkles?  Contact us today!