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Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

A woman’s bones have a tendency to become brittle and weak as she ages. That is why osteoporosis is so common among older women. Keeping the bones strong is the key to preventing osteoporosis. Below are some of the things that can be done to strengthen the bones: Get plenty…

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The best food sources for calcium

Having a diet rich in calcium is essential for building strong bones and teeth. Calcium has also been linked to healthy muscles and nerves, while lack of the vitamin does the opposite. Those who are deficient may experience numbness in their limbs and may also be at an increased risk…

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How Vitamin C and Calcium Are Related

Many different nutrients work together in your body to maintain your overall good health. An imbalance that causes a deficiency of a certain nutrient therefore can have significant implications for other deficiencies. This is why a well-balanced diet is important in maintaining good health and optimum functioning. Vitamin C is…

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