How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles are lines that are formed on the face when it is compressed against a pillow each night. They tend to occur in predictable locations based on the fixed anchor points that hold the skin to the bone. They disappear on younger skin but eventually become permanent on older skin due to constant compression and decreased skin elasticity.

Botox is ineffective on sleep wrinkles. So how can sleep wrinkles be prevented?

Sleeping on your back is one good way to prevent sleep wrinkles, if you find it comfortable. Sleeping on your stomach or sides causing your face to compress against your pillow, which in turn causes sleep wrinkles. Not to mention, sleeping on your sides can also cause a crease in between your breasts, and sleeping on your stomach is often argued to be unhealthy for other reasons. Sleeping on your back causes clearer, firmer skin and better back alignment.

There are anti wrinkle creams and fillers which can help treat sleep wrinkles, but they will likely come back if you do not address the real problem which is causing them in the first place: facial compression. Minimize your facial contact with your bedding as much as possible.

A supportive anti wrinkle pillow could be a solution. It prevents facial contact while you sleep. This combined with an anti wrinkle cream can help to prevent sleep wrinkles.  If you can’t get an anti-aging pillow, consider a silk pillow case for a smoother surface. It won’t prevent all of the sleep wrinkles, but it will decrease the damage caused.

Another cause of wrinkles is not getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause puffiness under the eyes and adds more stress to the body.  Every organ in your body suffers when you’re sleep deprived; your skin is your largest organ, and it will begin to show wear and tear from lack of sleep.  If you seem to be looking older than you should, and you know you’re not getting enough sleep, work on clocking more hours per night.  See your doctor if you have insomnia or if you’re concerned you’re not sleeping well despite the hours in bed.

Finally, be sure to always wash your face before bed.  Pollution, dirt, oil and makeup grind themselves into the pores at night, causing them to enlarge, become clogged and break you out.  Cleanse thoroughly and apply a high-quality night cream nightly.  If you’re looking for suggestions, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll help you find the right products for you.