Grow Your Own Lashes with Latisse

If you suffer with sparse or damaged eyelashes that are thinning out over time or if you simply have a strong desire for thicker, longer eyelashes, then Latisse can be a great option for you to consider. We’re not all born with thick, luxurious lashes. In fact, some of us have very skimpy eyelashes that even three or four coats of mascara can’t fix.

Latisse is a topical eyelash growth solution that you can obtain from your licensed aesthetic professional. It has been clinically proven to make sparse eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker over just a 16-week period. After just one month of using Latisse, you will begin to see new lash growth. Within 8 weeks, your eyelashes will darken and become thicker, really standing out to accentuate your eyes. Sixteen weeks after beginning to use Latisse, your eyelashes will be dramatically fuller, longer and darker.

Latisse is a great alternative to wearing mascara, which you won’t need much of once you’ve begun using this amazing growth product. Instead of getting eyelash extensions, which are expensive and time-consuming to apply about every six weeks or so, you can use Latisse with ease to grow your own natural eyelashes. In fact, using and replacing extensions may be one of the causes of your eyelash loss to begin with! If your eyebrows are sparse, you can also use Latisse to enhance their appearance, perfectly framing your eyes with darker, fuller brows.

There have been a few negative side effects reported by some users of Latisse. Reports of redness, itchy and irritated skin have been noted, in addition to discoloration on eyelids and beneath the eyes. The product should be applied onto the upper eyelashes only, since it can grow hair in other, unwanted areas. When used as directed and with caution, you may be very pleasantly surprised with the results.

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