The Ultimate Combination: ThermaFrax Skin Rejuvenation

Everything changes as we age!

Our skin, when we're young, regenerates itself, shedding old skin cells from the top surface (epidermis), while creating new cells in the middle skin layer, the dermis. These new cells grow and mature, progressing upwards until they too reach the surface and are sloughed off. As we age, this process slows down and becomes less efficient. Why? Because collagen production unfortunately slows down.

So what's collagen, anyway?

Collagen is a powerhorse in the body. It's a strong, stringy protein; and the main part of our bones, teeth, ligaments (fibers connecting bones), sinews (fibers connecting muscles to bones), and cartilage (a connective tissue in our joints, nose, throat, and other places). It plays a starring role in making our skin strong and elastic.

When collagen starts making fewer skin cells, our skin starts to wrinkle. Many people get collagen injections to make their skin smoother and younger-looking. Others get laser treatments that remove some of both the dermis and the epidermis (known as ablative treatments), which stimulates the collagen into more activity, and requires a couple of weeks of recovery. Still others get laser treatments which stimulate collagen by targeting only the dermis, leaving the epidermis cooled and unaffected (non-ablative treatments) and this requires a much shorter recovery period.

How it works: First, let's consider Thermage; it's a skin treatment that does not require lasers, injections or surgery; but still creates consistent results that can last for years. It does this by tightening all three layers of a person's skin, instead of just focusing on the top layer (as many other skin renewal treatments do). Thermage can really make an impact.

The facial skin is made up of three layers: the epidermis; the collagen-rich inner layer, called the dermis; and the third layer called the subcutaneous later. In order to get a comprehensive change in skin's appearance and health, all three layers must receive a change. Thermage does this by tightening the collagen incorporated in the under layers with CPT continuous pulse technology that tightens and contours the skin. This creates a smoother tone and more youthful appearance.

Now for the second part: Next, let's consider Fraxel, which works in similar ways as the CO2 resurfacing laser — but skin heals faster from the Fraxel and with less discomfort. The procedure involves the division of a laser beam into thousands of microscopic treatment zones, each targeting a specific area of skin. The selective portions of skin are heated and then healthy new cells fill in the damaged areas. Healing time is reduced because fewer cells have to be replaced. The combination of these two treatments provide an optimum result.1,2

So, since Thermage is the first component, that's where we start. The procedure takes about an hour. In the process,

  1. your skin will turn slightly pink.1
  2. Fraxel is then immediately performed over the same area. This takes about 30 minutes and will leave the skin pink and somewhat swollen.1,8 These effects will last about three days.1,2
  3. About a month later, a second Fraxel treatment is performed; and a month after that a third.
  4. Patients will see gradual improvement in tightness, texture, color and scars over the course of the next several months.1,2

Facial laxity, including the eye area and under the chin, will improve.1,2 Brown spots, texture, scars and pores will improve, as well.1,2

ThermaFrax has an extremely short recovery time.1,2 For more specific information regarding each component of the ThermaFrax treatment, check out our Thermage and Fraxel pages.

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ThermaFrax Price
Face (includes 1 Thermage CPT treatment and 3 Fraxel treatments) $3000
Abdomen (includes 1 Thermage CPT treatment and 3 Fraxel treatments) $3000

1Individual results may vary. 2All manufacturer claims, in regards to the benefits, process, length/effectiveness of treatments, how soon you'll see results or heal, or claims of minimal side effects such as minor redness or mild discomfort or no downtime, are provided by the pharmaceautical manufacturers as part of their guidelines in promoting their product and are backed by case studies/peer-reviewed publications and are published on their individual websites. 3Testimonials are the opinions of real clients that wanted to provide them and express their opinion to others. When written, the only editing done was to fix minor grammatical/syntax errors and/or to truncate extended testimonials that, while nice, went a bit long. Video testimonials are unedited. 4Treatments and services that are time-related (such as fees per a "20 minute session") are rooted in the fact that most appointments (i.e. the historical average amount of time required to complete most areas we treat) take that amount of time; however, it may be recommended or advised or necessary that more than one session time is required to achieve whatever affect you're looking for (such as someone wanting to treat many areas of their body vs someone simply wanting to treat their hands). A quick consultation in our office will provide you the exact time required to treat whatever you wish since treatment areas have a direct impact on time required to treat such areas. 5Superlatives, when describing services/products, are manufacturer claims and, in the end, it's your opinion as to what service/product is right/effective/best for you. 6Internal comparison claims comparing one technology to another (such as stating that a new product is x% better than the previous model, similar to how a 2017 model vehicle has many advances/improvements over a 2010 vehicle), when comparisons are done within the same company's lineup, are the manufacturer's statement-of-fact and reflect the latest science and/or breakthrough that, when released as a product, is the best/most effective at the time within their own product lineup — they are not claims comparing their product against other manufacturers' products. 7Videos, which we have chosen to add links to on our website, are either local television coverage pieces or third-party videos that we feel are great for learning and gaining an overview of the process of several services we offer; but third-party videos (e.g. those in the public domain, such as YouTube) in no way should be construed as an endorsement of Ultra Smooth Skin and/or our services specifically. They are meant as an awareness tool to help you decide upon common treatments provided by Ultra Smooth Skin and medspa providers nationwide. Some videos are produced by the pharmceutical manufacturers and others are by service providers, while still others are television appearances by Lisa Williams, the owner of Ultra Smooth Skin. 8Time is accurate as certain procedures have a fixed-length time of treatment per area. 9At our locations. 10Data on file at manufacturer.

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